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Who We Are

Adoptive Families of Hong Kong (AFHK) is a non-profit volunteer-run charitable organisation made up of people connected by the common experience of adoption and foster care. Adoption is a lifelong journey and supporting all who have a connection with adoption to navigate this journey is our top priority. Foster care can be a rewarding, but also incredibly challenging journey only a unique set of individuals has experienced. Through our growing network, members find support, resources, advocacy and life-long connections. We are inclusive of all who make up the adoption constellation; adoptive families, birth families, foster and kinship care families, families who have experienced early adversity and trauma, adult adoptees and professionals are among our members.

Our Mission

To connect, support and empower adoptive and foster families and adopted or fostered persons of any age, from any country living in Hong Kong and elsewhere in Asia. To promote and be part of a community of people touched by adoption and the professionals that serve them in Hong Kong and Asia and practice in their best interest by providing caring support, information, resources and advocacy.

Our Vision

It is AFHK's vision that Hong Kong will become:

    A community that understands, accepts, respects,
    and supports adoption and adoptees;

    A center of research for adoption issues in Asia;

    A community that provides caring and compassionate support of all
    adoptees throughout their life journey.

    Help us reach our Fundraising Goal this year!

    Thank you to our generous supporters and sponsors 
    for making a difference for AFHK’s programs
    and outreach over the past years!

    2024 Fundraising Goal

    Goal: $200,000.00
    Collected: $34,000.00
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